Do it yourself Staging. Staging will help you sell your home! 



Staging your home can be a confusing subject.  Not because the act of staging is a complex art but simply because so many people are unaware of what this action can provide.  Do we all need to stage our properties before placing them on the market?  Do we all want top dollar, a quick sale and less stress?  The answer is obviously yes.  Fortune magazine recently came out with an article stating that staging is the 2nd most important element when selling your home. The points that we need to address are very easy to understand.  Always stay neutral, get organized packing away thing you don’t use everyday, be sure to keep your home clean, and finally how to make some subtle changes.  These four things must be addressed when offering your home to buyers. The tools need to achieve these goals are easy to master and for the most part free.   If you are planning to put your home on the market in the next few months, now is as good a time as any to get  prepared. These are things that are mandatory to a successful campaign.  A race to get the best monetary gain possible, less time on the market  equaling less stress and an outcome that you will be satisfied with. 


The key to staging your home is making everything neutral.   A neutral home is an organized home.  Both go hand in hand.  Plastic bins and toys boxes are a great way to help your kids learn that items they are not using need to be kept out of sight. 

Another issue that must be addressed deals with holiday decor. Please do not leave your Merry Christmas mat on display after New Years.   Knocking on your door in July to find Santa greeting me is not an option (this actually happened just last week). 


Keeping items in storage can help keep your home tidy.  Pack away the items you never use. Appliances that are not used daily can be stored in cabinets or closets.  If you have too many items on display this can create clutter in the buyers mind.  Once you have boxed up items in the home put them into your garage or storage areas.  Running short on storage?  Consider (keeping in mind your budget) renting a small storage area until the move .You should never to show a home that has boxes just lying around.  Look at this task by realizing the extra benefits. You can use this time to get things packed for your pending move. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of some items you no longer need.  You can use the profit for any staging expense.  



Please remember if you do nothing else this next issue is simple and a MUST when selling your home. Your home needs to be clean and remain this way the entire time you have it listed.   Research shows that 83% of the information we take in is through our sense of site. Also keep in mind that smells can be an issue for many buyers.  Make sure the home smells inviting and not overpowering.  If you are a smoker, please keep in mind that some people are not and this could be an issue.  Just a little bit of smell prevention goes a long way. 



           I want to mention one last aspect of staging that can be fun.  We all love to add a little something new to our home from time to time. Now is your chance to pamper yourself and your home.  Show your love for fresh flowers by visiting your local grocer for a nice bouquet.  The smell can also be very inviting. You may also want to add some decorative touches to the home.  Something you feel will give it that extra appeal. Keep in mind that these items should stay NEUTRAL. Many of us are working with a budget.  You never know what treasures you can find at a resale shop, the dollar store, or an area garage sale. 



As a Realtor, it is my job to let you know what my training and experience has taught me. A good agent should speak up and recommend changes that will help you achieve your home selling goals. The levels of home staging vary..  Some homes may require a bit of cosmetic work or advanced staging to help improve the value of your home. The information I have talked about is very basic, inexpensive, yet they are some of the MOST IMPORTANT issues that are mandatory when selling your home.


Christina Stevens